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The backbone of Sonolite’s plastic manufacturing has been the design and manufacture of first-quality personal care products. Divided into two main groups - feminine hygiene and personal cleansing - Sonolite Plastics Corporation has built quality into products that are typically seen as on-time manufactured plastic components. Whether creating these personal care components as branded or unbranded equipment, the same attention to detail and zero-tolerance quality assurance is given to their customers. This has made Sonolite a dependable source for personal care marketers and retailers across the nation.

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Sonolite’s enema nozzles are part and parcel of their comprehensive healthcare line. Made of the highest performance plastic polymers, they can be sterilized using the most commonly used methods. As the enema nozzle is the one component that comes in direct contact with the end-user, the materials used undergo extensive testing for strength and durability while the final product is put through a series of demanding examinations and quality control before shipping.
The Sonolite enema nozzle is a prime example of a customer coming to us with a manufacturing challenge; a challenge that Sonolite met by tailoring a smart, safe, effective solution to the client’s precise requirements and manufacturing that solution in the United States.

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     Sonolite’s douche tip fabrication, like every plastic component they manufacture, begins with the client’s design. Extensive design and bioengineering went into this product in order to develop a component that would reach the highest quality specifications, but also would maximize stock and budgetary requirements. All of Sonolite’s custom douche tip components are precision-machined and, with the inclusion of a high proportion of plasticizer in the polymer mix, are rendered flexible for end-user comfort.

    The douche tip is the component of the feminine personal cleansing kit that comes in direct contact with the end user. As such, it must meet or exceed not only our client’s engineering requirements, but the needs of the retail customer in the marketplace. This can only be done by building strong collaborative relationships. To this end, Sonolite Plastics Corporation cultivates partnerships that foster teamwork and effective communication, and, in doing so, can meet the most demanding custom plastic fabrication challenges.

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