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Injection-molded plastic products are created by using an injection molding machine, where resins are fed into an injection barrel and are then heated and forced into a metal mold. Sonolite Plastics Corporation manufactures all kinds of molded plastic products in Massachusetts. Our team can advise you on everything from selecting plastic molding materials to determining the type of tooling required for your plastic parts.


Sonolite is a leader in thermoformed plastics products. Thermoforming uses thermoplastic sheets or rolls, which are then heated and, using molds, are formed to the customer's specifications. The machines, or presses, hold the hot plastic sheet to the mold with extreme amounts of vacuum suction or downward pressure in the case of multiple-piece molds. From working with your engineers and product development people to designing your custom mold to manufacturing and finishing, we will support and guide your efforts.


We have over 40 years of experience performing high-quality custom plastic fabrication. Custom plastic fabrication can involve computer-aided design (CAD), assembly, gluing, welding, bending, cutting, stamping, drilling, milling, polishing, and more, in order to create the perfect finished product for your application. Our design engineers will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project to create the highest quality products available, whether you start from blueprints or a simple drawing.


The backbone of Sonolite's plastics manufacturing has been the design and manufacture of high-quality personal care and feminine hygiene products. Sonolite Plastics Corporation has built quality into products that are typically seen as on-time manufactured plastic components. We can create these personal care components as branded or unbranded equipment, and the same attention to detail and zero-tolerance quality assurance can be passed on to your customers.

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